CHARMIE robot reports to duty at the University of Minho bar

23 de November de 2023

The CHARMIE robot is a project created by the Automation and Robotics Laboratory of the Industrial Electronics Department of the School of Engineering of the University of Minho that provides services in the institution’s bar and promises to revolutionize domestic and hospital support.

CHARMIE is a mobile and autonomous robot that has a manipulator arm and columns, being capable of performing tasks and providing services in domestic and hospital environments and interacting with humans. The robot allows you to support the elderly or people with reduced mobility to perform basic tasks.

As Fernando Ribeiro, professor at the Automation and Robotics Laboratory at the Minho institution, explained, the robot can hear and speak to people in English and can transport objects and perform tasks, such as picking up objects from the floor, making breakfast and watering a plant. The project is currently in the task scheduling phase.

Tiago Ribeiro, a student at the University of Minho, told Mais Guimarães that the idea began with the work of five students and two teachers in 2017, and the objective is to “continue with the project to be a product for the market.”

For the student, “imagination ends up being the limit in such a generic robot”. Several students linked to the field of robotics use CHARMIE to carry out their research projects, in which they try to implement new tasks, such as using elevators and dishwashers.

CHARMIE won seventh place in RoboCup last year, held in Bordeaux, France, in the project’s first participation in competitions. Tiago Ribeiro said that the team is already “preparing the material for next year’s RoboCup qualification”, which will take place in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, in 2024. The objective is to “achieve something more”, pointed out the student.

Despite “many hours and days” being invested in the project, the academy student is “happy to be at a stage where he can demonstrate the quality of the robot and participate in robotics championships.”

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