The department’s research projects are part of the ALGORITMI center which is a research unit linked to the Engineering School of the University of Minho and comprises researchers from the Department of Industrial Electronics, Information Systems and Production and Systems and temporary researchers. The Center is currently grouped into 3 Research Lines: Systems Engineering, Information Systems and Industrial Electronics.


The projects are oriented to biomedical applications, automotive, aerospace, biometric systems, micro-antennas, micro-sensors and micro-actuators. The basic material is Silicon where electronic circuits and micro-sensors and micro-actuators are created.


Carlos Alberto B. Silva
Carlos Manuel G. S. Lima
Graça Maria H. Minas
José Augusto Afonso
José Gerardo V. Rocha
José Higino G. Correira
José Manuel T. V. Cabral
Luís Alexandre Machado da Rocha
Luis Miguel Valente Gonçalves
Paulo Mateus Mendes


The research group in Control, Automation and Robotics (DEI) of the DEI and Algoritmi Center focuses on distributed systems control, manufacturing automation, devices for people with special needs, mobile robotics, autonomous, cooperative and anthropomorphic.


António Fernando Macedo Ribeiro
Cristina Manuela P. Santos
Estela Guerreiro G. S. Bicho Erlhagen
Filomena M. R. M. O. Soares
Jaime Francisco C. Fonseca
João Miguel C. Sena Esteves
Paulo José G. Garrido
Sérgio Paulo Carvalho Monteiro


The Research Group on Embedded Systems develops its activity in research and development. The Group also develops prototypes for commercial and industrial applications.


Adriano José C. Tavares
João Luís Marques Pereira Monteiro
José A. Mendes
Jorge Miguel N. S. Cabral
Paulo Francisco S. Cardoso
Sérgio Adriano Fernandes Lopes


GEPE has know-how and expertise in the development of Active Filters, Energy Quality Monitoring Systems, Battery Charging Systems, Renewable Energy Systems Interface with Electric Grid, Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles and Hybrids.


João Carlos Aparício Paulo Fernandes
João Luiz Afonso
José Gabriel Oliveira Pinto
Júlio M. Sousa B. Martins
Manuel João Sepúlveda Mesquita de Freitas