The Integrated Master’s Degree in Electronic and Industrial Engineering (MIEEIC) is a prestigious professional oriented to the design, application, installation, operation and maintenance of systems based on the use of electronics, covering Electronics and Microelectronics, Computers, Informatics and Communications, Control and Robotics, Automation, Power Systems.

The Department also teaches courses in the fields of electronics, electrotechnology, control and industrial computing.

The research projects undertaken by the Department’s faculty and researchers are preferably linked to the supervision, control and management of activities in the industrial sector. In common, they present a perspective of a link between university scientific research and practical application, which often results in the conclusion of protocols for university / business collaboration.

During the degree, the development of the student’s ability to analyze and solve Engineering problems, as well as the critical spirit and capacity for innovation are permanently stimulated.

The permanent need for further development and modernization of companies are a continuous source of professional output for graduates in Industrial Electronics and Computers.