Which professions pay the best among young people?

14 de May de 2024

The professions that pay the best have been consistent over the years, with the majority being professions related to the management and direction of companies.

Are there differences in relation to the professions of younger workers?

Which professions have the highest average salary among younger workers in 2021?
In the case of young workers, aged between 25 and 34, the ten highest paid professions fall into professional groups that, from the outset, require workers with more qualifications. The average salary earned by young workers in these professions was significantly higher than the national average salary of €1,133 for workers in this age group in 2021.

‘Athletes and competitive sportspeople’ were also, among younger people, the profession with the highest average salary. In 2021, young workers in this profession earned an average monthly salary of €17,059. Since 2010, they have consistently been at the top of the best paying professions.

Next were ‘Doctors’ and ‘Telecommunications Engineers’ with an average salary of €2,893 and €2,288, respectively.

The most technological professions were also at the top of those that pay the best among younger people in 2021 – something that did not happen among workers in general –, namely ‘Software Programmers’ (€2,136), ‘Software Analysts and Programmers’ and applications’ (€2,081) and ‘Computer network specialists’ (€1,998) in 4th, 6th and 9th positions, respectively.

Contrary to the majority of workers, where six of the ten professions with the highest average salary are professions related to the management and direction of companies, in the case of younger workers only one profession from this professional group was among the ten that pay the best: ‘Directors’ of administration services’ (€2,100) in 5th position.

The remaining professions at the top were ‘Management and organization analysts’ (€2,075) and ‘Electronic engineers’ (€2,053) in 7th and 8th positions, respectively, and the last place was occupied by ‘Economists’ (€1,997 ).

It can therefore be seen that only three professions were simultaneously among those that pay the best in the group of young workers and in the group of workers in general:

Competitive athletes and sportspeople
Administration Services Directors
In fact, while the majority of professions that pay better, among most workers, are professions more related to management and leadership of companies, in the case of the group of younger workers, the professions that pay better are more related to areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

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