Posições para doutorados na empresa Solfarcos, Lda – Braga

29 de Maio de 2023

SOLFARCOS – Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Solutions Ltd, was created in 2016 as a “spin-off” company of the University of Minho. The main areas of activity are the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical and cosmetic technologies. Solfarcos is located in 2600 m2 brand new facility in Braga and will have a projected turn-over of 4 M€ in 2024 from their cosmetic ingredient department.

We are looking for candidates with a recently acquired PhD (preferably) with a strong background in (CVs from more senior/experienced doctorates will be considered as well):

  1. Analytical applications techniques, like UHLPC/QTOF/GC-MS/CA electrophoresis.
  2. Material scientists in soft materials, with know-how in areas like Raman, Micro-FTIR, fluorescent microscopy.
  3. Biotech Processing Engineers with experience in down-streaming steps and large scale production.
  4. Fluid and heat exchange engineers (either with mechanical or chemical engineering background).

Send your CV (with 2 contact references) to info@solfarcos.com