Robotics in Portugal: “Hi, I’m a robot, I’m here to change your life”

07 de January de 2019

Report to the heart of robotics in Portugal. In the era of robotics associated with increasingly intelligent systems, we present some of the most exciting robot projects ‘made in Portugal’, from the interaction with children and seniors to submarine robots. (…) At the University of Minho there is an affective robotics project with children with autism that has passed the testing phase. Zeca was a pioneer in Portugal and tested in schools and clinics in Braga, Porto and Aveiro. The robot itself is the small Zeno R50 model from Hanson Robotics, with a humanoid look that replicates facial expressions like content or sad. The funding is gone, but they continue to work with children in dissertations, even because the results obtained showed advantages in their use. The objective, which is not commercialization, is to “automatically adapt the behavior of the robot to the child’s performance during the intervention, using machine learning techniques”, says the researcher Filomena Soares.

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